2004, 2005, 2006
Sonal Mithal, Assistant Professor
faculty of architecture, sarvajanik college of engineering and technology, surat, india
Undergraduate architecture students, semester 08

Research questions:
How do people of different cultural groups operate within a city? What does belongingness to a city mean in that context? Are there specific parts of a city that are familiar/comfortable to a certain cultural group? Is that desirable from a designer point of view?
Extract a comprehensive portrayal of a city or town as featured in chosen novel or a movie. The novel or movie must feature the morphological components of a city as a background for the narrative to unfold. Establish the implication of time and people on the city fabric. Review the process of using the urban context as a means of story development, thus making explicit the role of cities in day-to-day activities of its dwellers. Review it based on the author/director’s perspective as well as from the characters’ perspective. Represent the analysis using multimedia techniques, that closely represent the theme emerging from analysis. Suggested forms of representation: abstract diagram, 3-d model, collages, and video or audiography.