Sonal Mithal, Assistant Professor
Faculty of Architecture, Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology, Surat, India
Undergraduate architecture students, semester 04

To facilitate sensitivity for other-than-visual sensory faculties to make sensorial experience an inherent component of design process. By making students consciously disembody their visual faculty, the exercise aims at making students aware that vision has the power to control their design sensibilities towards form-making rather than place-making.

Design a space based on this narrative written by the professor. This narrative is imagined to be an extract from a conversation going on between five visually challenged people who are meeting at the end of the day for a chat. They are discussing their day with their friends and in that describe the places they have been to. [5 such narratives were provided]:
“… smell of expensive tobacco was filling the atmosphere. Obviously the space was overflowing with several small groups of people whose faint voices I could hear, occasioned by ringing peals of their laughter. The sounds were faint in one corner; they were loud in the other one. In such a cacophony of sounds, the only solace came from the random call of a sparrow, coinciding with the falling leaves and an uninterrupted murmur of trickling waters
Students are to visualize those places. They could be five different places or they could be one place with all those qualities. A tool-kit with sizes and shapes of planes were provided to the students to work with.