Location: Broadway at Union Square Park, New York City, New York and Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York.
Participants: Dancers, landscape scholars and members of the iLand Laboratory.
Funded by: iLAND-interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art Nature and Dance, New York CITY, USA.

The purpose of this laboratory was to initiate a sensory dialogue between the human body and the built environment and encourage a perception-in-movement. Keeping the architecture of edges, i.e. the built language which exists at the interface of the inside and outside as the main focus, the laboratory drew upon Lefebvre’s rhythmanalysis to participate in and observe human behavior on a street. The laboratory highlighted conditions for territoriality, memory, associations, and landmarks in terms of personal and public realms. Explorations discovered whether visual proportioning and placement of built forms encourage our perception in motion. Exploration also discovered what conditions of built forms encourage pauses, helping the participants reorient and reaffirm their bearings in space.