2011. 2013. 2014
LOCATION: Perkins Road Wet Prairie Park, Urbana, Illinois, USA. Meadowbrook Park, Urbana, Illinois, USA
PARTICIPANTS: Master of Fine Arts (Dance) students at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA.

First workshop in the series engaged dancers with the landscape, generating non-stylized movements as they respond to available sounds, textures, wind, and humidity, which I registered using a video camera. Subsequently the video footage was edited to become a sharable video of varying lengths—one minute long, three minutes long, and five minutes long. The workshop treated the process of editing the video footage as a performative process that located patterns and frequency of repetition in the dancers’ movements and gestures. The editing window on the computer screen is comparable to a visual rhythm, which affected the way in which the clips were chosen or trimmed to tell a rhythmic story.
Digital link to the video

Subsequently, experiences from previous workshop were consolidated. Activities included strapping a video camera to the body, so as to live-document the body’s mobile perception of the landscape. The footage from the video was later compared to the participants’ conscious bodily engagement with the landscape. All the participants then recorded their experiences in terms of arrival, familiarity, haunt, inhabit, occupy, orientate, proximity, shape and thisness. This was to extract the material knowledge of the landscape derived from personal embodied engagement of each participant. The workshop also included material exploration, locating landmarks. Identify tools to memorize the landmark. Describing that landmark such that another person can reach there. This was intended to know the process of sharing embodied knowledge.