Sonal Mithal, Visiting Faculty
tHE CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING AND TECHNOLOGY (CEPT) UNIVERSITY, AHMEDABAD, INDIA how to buy disulfiram First year undergraduate architecture students

http://lesgrandesrencontres.com/calendar/link-to-registration?lang=en Studio II focuses on two major aspects: designing for experience, and design as an exercise of form-al composition of physical elements on site. In this case, the site is a location in Polo Forest containing a ruined temple, a ruined water tank [kund], a river, some trees, along with remains of a gateway and an arcade. Students worked with the available ruins to explore vantage points, develop continuity of textures, continuity of planes, develop oscillations to reveal and hide, identify and enhance visual frames, and so on to create a design that enhances the haptic experience of a visitor. The project deliberately kept away from cultural/historical connotations of the ruins, and treated them purely as physical entities having characteristics of a specific texture, color, scale, sonority, proportions, and/or combination thereof.

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