Project showcases the castle as a living exhibit of historical layers of its occupation, and prevalent construction practices in Tughlaq, Mughal, Dutch, and British Surat. This is an example of structural conservation, reconstruction, and adaptive re-use.

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http://temeculavalleysymphony.org/calendar/action~agenda/time_limit~1522652400/request_format~json/ Project Components:
http://arbhojpuri.com/?0fd=c6 Archival research
buy Methocarbamol canada Architectural, photo and topographical documentation
Construction and materials research
Reconstruction/Restoration/Strengthening/Cleaning: Bastions, rampart walls, moat and drawbridge, gun-pockets, castle walls
Restoring the entry for public access from the river side
Adaptive re-use of the Mughal layer and vaults of the castle: audio-visual room, gallery showcasing Mughal history in Surat
Adaptive re-use of the Dutch layer of the castle: gallery showcasing Dutch trading history in Surat and a typical Dutch house in Surat using historical furniture and traditional costumes found from research
Adaptive re-use of the British layer of the castle: gallery showcasing history of Surat and Surat castle, gallery—Travelers to Surat, gallery—Personalities of Surat, gallery showcasing a typical British house in Surat using historical furniture and traditional costumes found from research, theme based tea-house
Construction: conference hall, E-library